Welcome! Please contribute to the 2015 study on the service of documents in EU Member States!

Welcome to the 2015 EU study on the service of documents in EU Member States!

The EU Commission has recently launched a European-wide study on the service of documents in EU Member States, which is being carried out by a Consortium lead by the University of Florence, the University of Uppsala and DMI, a French consulting firm. The Commission is particularly interested in understanding the existing disparities between the national regimes on service of documents that might constitute an obstacle to the proper functioning of Regulation 1393/2007 on the service of documents. The focus of the study is on domestic service of documents.

If you have any experience with how service of documents works in one Member State of the European Union, we would greatly thank you if you could take the time to answer the online questionnaire that we have developed (click here).

If you prefer, you may also get an electronic copy to be filled (either electronically or in printed form) from our download area (remember to send us the results at EUservicestudy2015@gmail.com ). In the download area you may also find the questionnaire translated in all official languages of the EU.

If you wish so, your name will be included in the list of contributor to the project.

As noted by the EU Commission in its Letter of Recommendation, your participation is essential for the success of the study!